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Hello!! Pleased, 'm Ivan Renteria and want to thank you for wanting to know more about me, and in this space I'll tell you a little who I am and what I do.

I live in Mexico City, my family are my mother and my brother who have supported me at all times in every stage of my life, I can not fail to mention that although my dad was tough character who forged me being honest, help people, and give everything and a bit more in everything I do in my life. I am sure that from heaven he is happy and even supporting me in what I undertake and accompanies me in every step I.

I love listening to music, electric guitar, read, learn new things, film, see new places, bowling and my passion, is from teenager, Personal Development, Human psychology and the world of business.

Entrepreneur and inveterate dreamer, with big goals to achieve, walking with firm and steady pace, with deep awareness and absolute conviction that will achieve any goal I have set, adding value to individuals seeking the same ideal in your life.

I am currently studying Ms.. in Psychology at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM), and collaborated in the writing of the book "Anthology of Essays on Love".

One of my aims is to teach and help achieve the full potential of people, helping the human being to feel extraordinarily well, providing information to realizes why it may be okay, and this can be normal, awareness through the forms of thought and actions performed unconsciously and automated in the day, focusing on the areas or human dimensions: Physics, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Existential for a comprehensive change, adding also the Personal Development so they can gain skills, tools and strategies to remove obstacles that stand in their innate potential for success and happiness.


  • I'll help who else can.
  • I will be an exemplary and inspirational to other persons, friends and family.
  • No I will be part of any religion or sect.
  • No I will be part of any Ideology Policy.
  • No I'll racist or discriminare by sex preferences, raza, religion, ideology or social position.


In my life I motivate me to teach, transmit, and communicate what I have learned. And I want to spread awareness among people of different ideas and thoughts to change your perception of life and so show them other ways to help them improve their quality of life, giving them a share of new knowledge and become spokesmen for wisdom, a change of habits, Actions, thoughts and philosophies that detonate enthusiasm, fe, peace and joy of living.

We never finalize the process of learning, continuously and every day we become seekers, and in this dimension we are all going to the same destination, the only difference is the time and the stage in which we find ourselves in this way.

My goal is to improve the quality of each person, let out that be extraordinary with unconditional surrender to the truth, to their spirituality and to their maximum awareness.

Thanks for wanting to be part of a change in your life and to bring light to others!

I would like to hear from you, if you want to know more, You can contact on social networks: Facebook, follow me on Twitter or add me to your circles Google + Plus clicking on the menu icons on the right ...

I send you a big hug =)

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